Scholarship Opportunity

Posted On January 24, 2018
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Attention Panther Parents Association members, the annual scholarship process has opened!

Parent Relations is happy to announce the availability of the 2018 Panther Parents Scholarship applications. The endowed scholarship is exclusively available to the students of Panther Parents Association members. This is one of the many benefits students have access to if a parent… more »

Support students during final exams

Posted On November 9, 2017
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Parents may be looking for the best way to support their students, and final exams are a great time to show your students some extra encouragement. Students have persisted and will soon cross the finish line. Here are a few ideas to support students ensure final exam planning:

Ask open-ended questions. Open-ended questions often only… more »

Caring for your student

Posted On October 10, 2017
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Whether you live in Metro-Atlanta or across the country, this is usually the point in the semester when parents start to miss their students. Students have been at school for a couple of months and may not be visiting home until Thanksgiving. What better way to let your student know that you miss him or… more »

Packing & Moving Back to College in August

Posted On May 10, 2017
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Summer is in full swing. Students may be back in the family home for the next couple of months. While August seems a long way off, it is never to soon to start preparing for students’ least favorite task: packing up and moving. Here are some helpful tips to make sure the last few days… more »

2017 Panther Parents Association Scholarship

Posted On April 11, 2017
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Through the generous support of Georgia State University parents, the Panther Parents Association has established a scholarship fund for association members’ students. Each year, the Panther Parents Association awards scholarships of $1,000 each ($500 per semester) to deserving applicants. Association members should encourage their student to apply for this scholarship.

Applications for the 2017-2017… more »

Winter Break Tips

Posted On December 16, 2016
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Winter break is upon us! Parents of first year students might have their student home for the first time this year. Here are a few tips for making the most of spending time with returning new students:

Set Ground Rules Students are getting used to the independence of college life, and parents are getting… more »

Panther Parent Association

Posted On November 30, 2016
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When students attend Georgia State University, they embark on a special, life changing experience that allows them to grow as scholars and individuals. For many parents, watching their student go off to college makes the end of another special experience: the student’s time in the family home. Georgia State University knows the important role parents… more »

Get Involved!

Posted On December 18, 2015
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With the start of the spring semester, there will be new opportunities for your student to meet fellow students and hopefully make new friends. While any student can feel challenged to meet others due to their comfort level or time availability, some student groups may find it more challenging than others. Graduate and professional students… more »

An Extra Dose of Help

Posted On December 1, 2015
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The end of the semester is looming near and many parents may notice their student is struggling academically. It is important that students succeed in school, but it can be difficult for parents to approach this situation without seeming overbearing. In most cases the student is doing good work but is having an issue grasping… more »