Caring for your student

Posted On October 10, 2017
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Whether you live in Metro-Atlanta or across the country, this is usually the point in the semester when parents start to miss their students. Students have been at school for a couple of months and may not be visiting home until Thanksgiving. What better way to let your student know that you miss him or her than with a care package? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, just a little something to show your student that you are thinking about him or her and want him or her to share in the comforts of home. Here are a few ideas for things your student will love:

  • A taste of home. Nothing beats a few bites of a favorite dish that only a parent can make. Something that is synonymous with home itself. Brownies from the supermarket are fine, but homemade brownies are unbeatable.
  • A little something healthy goes a long way. Homemade brownies are great, but students cannot live on them alone. With all the work your student is doing, he or she may not prioritize healthy eating as often as you’d like. Consider sending packs of nuts, pouches of vegetable applesauce or instant oatmeal they can heat up on the go.
  • Gift cards. A gift card to your student’s favorite coffee shop can make a long day a little better. The amounts don’t have to be huge. Five or ten dollars for coffee, a snack, or a movie ticket will brighten your student’s week.
  • School supplies. Exams cometh. The supplies that your student bought at the beginning of the year may be running low. In an ideal world, your student would go to the store and replenish, but students are busy and that might not happen. Even if it would, your student will be grateful that a trip to the store isn’t necessary because you included pens and highlighters in a care package.
  • A handwritten note. Above all else, care packages illustrate to your student that you are thinking about him or her. Words of love and encouragement will give them the support that no little trinket or snack ever could. They will treasure the support you express.