Winter Break Tips

Posted On December 16, 2016
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Winter break is upon us! Parents of first year students might have their student home for the first time this year. Here are a few tips for making the most of spending time with returning new students:

Set Ground Rules
Students are getting used to the independence of college life, and parents are getting used to them being home. Now, parents and students are all back under one roof. Having a meeting about the expectations parents hold for students and allow students to express what freedoms they are hoping to have. Setting ground rules for the break will avoid awkward encounters in the future and will set a tone of mutual respect.

Inform Students of Commitments Early
When students comes home, parents might be thinking about doctors’ appointments for them, visiting family or shopping for things they need for school. Students are probably thinking about catching up with friends, trips to the movie theater and decompressing from final exams. Parents should let their students know about time commitments that they are expected to attend early to avoid double booking.

Carve Out Quality Time
The holiday season can be a busy one. Parties, family gatherings and out of town visitors can monopolize parents’ time. Of course, parents want to catch up with their first year student, but finding the time to hear detailed stories about classes, new friends and residence hall living can be challenging. Parents can schedule a couple of coffee chats or meals with returning students. These intentional moments will hopefully allow parents to make time to discuss whatever students would like to tell them about life in general and Georgia State University.

Have a Great Time
Transitions can be stressful. Students are getting used to life away from home, and parents are adjusting to life without them in the house. Additionally, parents and students may both find themselves in the same situation they were in before the student moved out! There may be some growing pains, but don’t let those interfere with quality time during this visit. Parents need to be understanding of this new situation and ask students to do the same. Parents excitement to be with them should not be trumped by getting used to a new normal. Parents and students have so much to catch up on and share. Have a fantastic time!