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Posted On December 18, 2015
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With the start of the spring semester, there will be new opportunities for your student to meet fellow students and hopefully make new friends. While any student can feel challenged to meet others due to their comfort level or time availability, some student groups may find it more challenging than others. Graduate and professional students sometimes become so busy with courses and other responsibilities that they do not find time to meet new people. Commuter students who are often on campus only for the times they are in class have limited opportunity for interactions with fellow students. The Division of Student Affairs provide opportunities for these students and all students to meet fellow students with similar interests.

One way to meet fellow students is by getting involved with student organizations on campus. There are over 425 student organizations, including ones connected to major or career interests and to personal interests. In addition to the student organizations available on campus, the departments in the Division of Student Affairs offers a number of programs of interest to students. Attending these programs provides even more opportunities to meet fellow students and make new friends. Students who take advantage of these opportunities on campus often feel more connected to the university.

In addition to meeting fellow students, participating in student organizations and division programs can add to students’ resumes, making them more attractive to future employers. Students can learn important skills such as communicating with others, negotiating differences, working as a team, managing time, managing stress, taking care of their health and leading others. In addition, students who become involved in organizations related to major and career interests or attend programs on careers can learn more about the connection between their education and career and build professional networks that can assist in their job search and future career. Encourage your student to consider the personal and career benefits of joining a student organization and attending programs on campus.

Students can find more information about the student organizations on campus on OrgSync. If your student does not find an organization which they would like to join, he or she can meet with the Senior Coordinator for Student Involvement to discuss the process for chartering a new student organization. To find out about the programs are offered by the departments in the Division of Student Affairs, check out the website and the list of departmental websites.