An Extra Dose of Help

Posted On December 1, 2015
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The end of the semester is looming near and many parents may notice their student is struggling academically. It is important that students succeed in school, but it can be difficult for parents to approach this situation without seeming overbearing. In most cases the student is doing good work but is having an issue grasping the material. There are a number of resources at Georgia State University to assist students and help them succeed academically.

One such resource is Supplemental Instruction (SI) through the Student Success office. SI offers students the option to work with fellow students called SI Leaders who have excelled at the course to which they are assigned to instruct. SI Leaders are available for traditionally difficult courses where extra help may be needed. In addition to instructing specific courses, SI leaders offer study strategies to help with test preparation. Statistically, students that attended five or more SI sessions were shown to have a higher GPA than those that did not attend these sessions. Students are encouraged to research what is offered by SI, as it could have a strong impact on how they perform in their classes. Finals are quickly approaching and investing the time to visit the Student Success office could spell the difference between academic success and academic stress.

For students that may need extra help in writing those final papers or just a quiet place to write, the Writing Studio is an available resource. This space offers students the opportunity to gather and share ideas in a welcoming environment. Writing Studio conferences, both in person and online, are open to any student or alumni of Georgia State University. The Writing Studio exists to support students as they work to increase their writing skills and is a valuable resource offered by the university. Encourage your student to visit the Writing Studio if you see they may additional support with writing.

Lastly, many first and second year students struggle with their mathematics classes. Students that need additional tutoring in math will find it in the Math Assistance Complex (MAC). The MAC, sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, provides supplemental instruction for first and second year mathematics and statistics classes. Tutoring in these subjects is invaluable and will provide students with a more thorough understanding of the material.

Parents want their students to perform the best that they can while in college, as college performance can dictate their entire future. These resources, and many others, are here to help students achieve their highest potential. Please encourage your students to take advantage of these resources and learn about other tools for student success on campus.