The Modern Family

Posted On October 30, 2015
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November is often seen as the beginning of the holiday season. Over the years, holidays have been strongly associated with family, while the definition of family has changed. In the 1960s, a family was defined as a husband, wife and their children. Now, family has a much broader definition. Families are more ethnically, racially, religiously and stylistically diverse than half a generation ago. Families may or may not include two adults and children and may or may not be related by blood. Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau (2015), the structure of families or households with children may be a mother with children (24 percent), a father with children (four percent), grandparents or others with children (4 percent), same-sex couples with children (less than one percent) and opposite sex couples with children (68 percent, down from 90 percent). According to researchers, children experience more family transitions before the age of eighteen. More than half of all children will spend some time living outside a traditional nuclear family before they graduate from high school. This diversity in family structure is reflected in Georgia State students and their families. We define who constitutes our family based on our relationships, not on external definition of family.

family isn’t always blood . . . it’s the ones who love you no matter what.

-Maya Angelou
Family members are the people who allow you to be yourself and withhold judgement. They love you unconditionally. They support you through life’s challenges, including your journey at Georgia State. However you define your family, Parent Relations hopes you bring them to Family Weekend on November 6-8 where you will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities with your family on campus and celebrate what it means to be a family.