A New Kind of Homecoming

October is the month when Georgia State University celebrates Homecoming. This brings to mind how the notion of home changes when children grow and become adults. New college students will leave the familiar surroundings of their town or city to embark on a new adventure that takes them away from their parents, family and friends. For both the parent and the student, this can often be a struggle. It can be hard to venture into the unknown. Whether it is the next town over or halfway across the country, these are still new surroundings, and need to be understood. Parent Relations suggests getting to know the city or town where the school is located. Where is nearest grocery store? Where can students go to buy home goods? Where is the public library? By answering these questions the transition to college becomes much easier. The more familiar you and your student are with the area, the better prepared everyone will be when the child is on their own. The town or city is the student’s new home for the next four years, so it is important to make sure all involved feel as comfortable as possible. This helps to ease any unwanted stress. College is an exciting time for parents and students. By learning as much as possible about the college town or city, the student will eventually thrive in their new home. Each semester will be a home coming for the student, which puts the parents at ease. To help with this transition, we hope you will consider joining the Parents Association to remain actively involved with your child as they journey through their college experience. Parent Relations looks forward to hearing from you and providing you resources to direct your student to the appropriate resources for assistance.
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